25+ Pros and Cons of Red Wine (Explained)

Red wine can be one of the subjects that have been the subject of debate for a long time especially when it comes to those who support that drinking red wine is healthy and to those who claim the negative side effects.

However,  it’s important to understand the moderate and excessive intake, as there is a fine line that you should not cross.

To know what are the pros and cons that you get from drinking red wine, here is what can help.

Pros Of Red WineCons Of Red Wine 
Good for heartFocus on negative thoughts
Lower obesity Derails your diet 
Make hair thick and healthyRuin sleep pattern 
Improve sleepHigh  chances of lung and breast cancer
Lowers cholesterol level Can be a trigger to migraine, depression, and asthma
Prevent stroke Harmful for pregnancy 
Reduce diabetic problemNot healthy for a breastfeeding woman 
Boost mental healthSide effects on body 
Keep high blood pressure low
Strength immune system
Slows the aging 
Fight against cancer
Fight against depression
Reduce stress level 
Strengthen bones
Make skin glow and be healthy

Pros Of Red Wine

It’s Good For Heart

Red wine has the antioxidant which helps IN boosting the level of HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein, it’s good cholesterol.

Also presents from building the bad cholesterol that keeps the heart protected.

Red wine has the resveratrol that prevents the immature cells from maturing, it can be the active protein which is known as sirtuin 1, this is helpful In protecting from inflammation.

Promotes The Better And Thick Hair

Drinking red wine can also help in improving circulation.

It ensures that there is adequate blood circulation to scale which reduces hair loss.

Not just that, you can rinse the hair using red wine, post shampooing, and conditioner then washing the hair.

Resveratrol in red wine can help in reducing the inflammation and formation of dead cells, promoting hair growth and thickness.

It lowers The Cholesterol Levels

Since resveratrol is present in red wine, this helps in lowering cholesterol which is bad for health.

Studies show that having a glass of red wine daily and for four weeks can elevate the good cholesterol level by 16%.

Helps In Fighting Against Diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, drinking red wine can also help in lowering blood sugar for more than 24 hours.

But aside from that, some of the research shows that having red wine can help in fighting against diabetics.

Helps Fighting Against Cancer

According to a report submitted by the University Of Rochester Medical Center, red wine can help in destroying pancreatic cancer cells.

The antioxidant achieves by crippling the cells and the core function.

Can Lower The Chances Of Obesity

Research says that resveratrol can help in converting the bad fat into calorie-burning brown fat.

Even having diet-based antioxidants can help in combating obesity.

However, it’s important to maintain a moderate level of red wine consumption.

 Prevent The Stroke And High Blood Pressure

According to a Harvard Medical School report, non-alcoholic red wine is taken on a daily basis and helps in protecting against any kind of artery damage by lowering the blood pressure consequently.

However, there should be a balance, as men should drink less than 2 drinks where women should drink one glass.

Slow Down The Aging And Give Skin A Glow

Red wine can help in slowing down the aging, and it works on keeping the skin feel young

Having A  glass of wine can make your skin glow and reduce the risk of precancerous skin lesions.

You can restore the original glow of the skin by drinking wine. The wine has antioxidant properties that work against oxidative stress.

Reduce The Stress Level

Red wine is also good for lowering stress levels. Resveratrol stimulates the particular protein that helps in certain genes to repair the DNA.

It suppressed the tumor genes that help in promoting longevity genetics.

Red wine has stress-relieving effects.

Boost The Strength In Bones

A study published in Oxford Academic says that red wine can help in improving the density of the spinal bone in men especially in men who are suffering from metabolic syndrome.

Also, it helps in affecting the bone by stimulating mineralization and formation.

The compound has anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing bone loss.

Boost The Brain Health

According to the Yale School of Medicine research, wine molecules do not have any flavor or taste.

In fact, they stimulate the flavors by creating the session by using the brain.

This makes your brain health better. Moderate doses can help in affecting the brain work better, reducing the stress, and focusing better.

Fights Against The Depression

As per the research, having 2 to 7 glasses of wine a week can also help to reduce in depression 

Also, it’s important to focus on the range you drink, and the consumption to not go overboard.

Improve The Sleep

The grape witches used in red wine are rich in melatonin, it’s also the same compound that helps in reducing sleep.

According to scientists, melatonin can be high enough to help in falling asleep and improving its quality.

Strength The Immune System

Having red wine can boost the overall function of the immune system and also help in fighting against infection.

And having two red wines can beat the cold. It can develop a certain kind of immunity that can fight against 200 viruses that trigger the cold.

Cons Of Red Wine

Derails Your Diet

Where some say drinking red wine can help you in reducing weight, having too much can also derail your diet.

The average glass of red wine has more than 100 calories.

Not just it has the resveratrol and flavonoids which offer the negative side.

Alcohol also changes the way your metabolism works. It forces the body to deal with it first before processing protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients.

So if someone is losing weight, even drinking one glass of red wine can be too much.

It Can Stress You Out

Alcohol might decrease the cortisol level in your body, but it can boost up the tendency of focusing on the negative side and thoughts,

This means you might focus too much on stress.

This increases the consumption of more and more drinking to feel better.

So when you are having a bad day, just skip drinking red wine.

It Can Ruin Your Sleep Pattern

Drinking red wine has a negative aspect that disturbs the sleeping pattern.

You might sleep fast but it disturbs the REM sleep phase. Ists consider as the important phrase which affects the physical and mental well being

However red wine affects a woman most if you skip the nights without having a good hour of sleep. You might feel exhausted.

Increases The Chances Of Cancer

It might help you in lowering the risk related to heart, but drinking too much red wine increases the chances of cancer.

Especially lung and breast cancer, however, it depends on the amount of red wine you are drinking.

Red Wine Can Be The Trigger

People who have a history of ADD, depression, migraines, and something related to that, should avoid drinking red wine. Not just that anything that contains the alcohol in it, as it can be a trigger point,

Drinking red wine can make your condition worse. Also, it’s better to consult the doctor to avoid anything in the future.

Not Healthy For Pregnant And Breastfeeding

Not just in red wine, but anything that contains alcohol can be unsafe for the pregnant woman.

It can have effects on birth defects, and even become the reason behind miscarriages.

Red wine is definitely a no for you if you are a breastfeeding mother.

It can pass through breast milk, which leads to abnormal learning skills for the baby.

Cause Different Side Effects Depending On Body

Drinking red wine can cause different side effects depending on how your body reacts to it.

If you have a problem related to asthma, it can make It worse.

Not just that It can cause and make it worse if you have problems like high blood pressure, pancreatitis, and gout.

However, drinking a moderate amount can reduce the effects, but it’s important to keep it safe.

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