30+ Pros And Cons Of School Uniforms (Explained)

Well, it’s not something new that kids require to be in uniform when they are going to school. 

Every school has its own dress code which is absolutely necessary for the students.

However, not all people feel that schools should have school uniforms. There are different pros and cons that it includes. 

To know more about it, here is what you need to know.

Pros Of School Uniform Cons Of School Uniform
No class barriers Restrict freedom of expression 
Safety and security in off-campus Hamper decision making in students
Affordable and easy to find Add extra stress for parents 
Hand me down optionIt can be costly for poor  
Create safer environmentNot for free education 
Reduce the visible povertyCreate segregation, biases, and inequality
Fewer rules on dress policiesFitting, fabric, and texture can be uncomfortable 
Promote school spirit Increase outside bullying 
Better focus and attention Extra work to do for kids and parents
Better focus on studies Cause resentment 
Create a sense of belonging and prideIntolerance towards other cultures
Reduce in bullying Not really eliminates the bullying
Create better ways to expressWorking parents have to deal with extra work 
No time waste on what to wearExtra cleaning and ironing 
Create uniformity among others

Pros Of School Uniforms

Break Down The Class Barriers

When students don’t have school uniforms, they are allowed to wear whatever they like.

This can create barriers between the students, as the kids who have a rich background will wear something expensive and latest.

Where the kids from the middle class and poor will dress according to their level.

This makes it easier to notice who has the most privileges based on what they are wearing.

Because of this, it can divide the students, eliminate and decrease as they will choose people who belong to their economic lines.

It’s Affordable And For Everyone

Many schools make sure that they choose basic uniforms such as white polo shirts and grey shorts.

This is helpful to the parents to not pay exorbitant amounts on their uniforms.

Many low-cost clothing stores offer sales and discounts so people can afford them.

Offers The Hand Me Down Options

It’s one of the regular practices at schools, [parents can offer their kids uniforms to someone else or hand me down outfits.

Once the kid grows up and the clothes don’t fit, they can hand me down an option that helps the poor families by offering them access to uniforms for their kids.

Reduce The Visible Poverty

When the students have uniforms, they wear the same clothes as others in their school.

This helps in reducing visible poverty. Like those students who are from poor families, they can afford to purchase brand-name clothes. Compared to wealthy children, it can make them look and feel different.

To avoid that, having a school uniform can help in making every look seem so no one needs to focus on who is from what kind of family.

Help In Better Focus And Listen

According to a study done by Chris Baumann and Hana Krskova, they published it in the International Journal Of Education Management.

It says that children who wear school uniforms tend to be better at listening and for longer periods of time as compared to those who don’t wear uniforms.

As a result, they found that teachers spend less time disciplining the students and have more attention focused that leads to better engagement.

Reduce The Bullying Cases

School uniforms help in removing the chances of bullying which can be over the uniforms.

If all children are dressed like each other, they don’t have anything to bully over their fashion choices.

Create The Uniformity

One of the biggest benefits of having a school uniform is that it helps in creating a sense of identity and unity among the students.

When the students are wearing similar uniforms it creates the same identity, and they won’t fight over who is wearing the fashionable and expensive clothes.

No Pressure On What To Wear

When having the school uniform, it removes the pressure that students might have on choosing what to wear on a daily basis.

Not only does it save time and remove the confusion that occurs first thing in the morning.

Brings The Sense Of Pride

Uniforms also help in identifying who belongs to whom, many different schools have their popular dresses.

Also wearing the school uniform helps in bringing a sense of pride and children’s respect that they are from the best educational institutions.

Children Focus On Education

When there are fewer distractions and concerns, it gives more time to the children,  So they can focus on doing their school work.

According to studies, having a school uniform helps in improving the school grades.

Reduce Efforts On Enforcing Dress Code

Schools that don’t have school uniforms have to make dress code policies.

They have to decide what length of skirt, shoes or footwear appropriate, shorts or pants that students need to follow.

This can be quite tedious m and having the uniform can help in keeping one kind of policy to everyone.

It Improves The Safer Environment

When students have the wear uniforms, it makes it easier for teachers to find who is their students and who is outsiders

It discourages gang affiliations, and also makes it quite evident depending on the color of the clothes.

Uniform Keeps Tab On Off-Campus Trips

When students have to go for off-campus trips, it helps in keeping the tab on the students.

It helps in removing the confusion and chances of missing the kids when they are not on the campus.

The teachers can easily find their students based on their uniforms.

Creates More Ways To Express

Since the school has the same uniform, the children can’t show their individuality through their clothes.

Because of this, the students have to express themselves through other methods such as sports, arts, extracurricular activities, etc.

It encourages them to find another path to show their individuality.

Promotes The School Spirit

When schools have the same dresses, they can feel the same and proud to be a part of the school.

Also, it helps in boosting morale. Students have greater chances to be together and pride, boosting the spirit,

It makes students feel together and boost the feel of belonging as well as increases pride.

Cons Of The School Uniforms

Uniforms Restrict The Expression Freedom

By not allowing the students to dress according to their wish, it kills individuality or hampers it.

The children are forced to wear and dress up according to the school instead of choosing what they prefer

This might not be comfortable for everyone and it also restricts freedom of expression.

Hamper The Decision Making Skills

By forcing the children to follow the rules and making them wear the uniform, it’s also taking away their right to make the choices and deciding what they want for themselves.

Children should have the opportunity to decide what they want, and if the school make the rules and regulation, forcing them to wear the uniform

Add The More Stress

Not all parents find the uniforms affordable, also they can’t find the set of clothes which means they have to clean and iron the uniform more often.

For parents who are working, it’s hard for them to maintain and clean the uniforms so frequently.

Also, this can be stressful and taxing them more problems.

Lead The Segregation

To make the environment equality amongst student, it can create another kind of inequalities and biases,

For example, the girls might be not allowed to wear the pants, instead of that they are allowed to wear the stockings

Same for the boys, they might have to wear ties even though they are not like it,

It Can Be A Conflict To Right To Free Educations

Buying the uniform is not what all parents can afford, especially the underprivileged.

Until or Unless it’s sponsored by the government, it can be an expense and another stressful work for the students.

Also, it’s not the favor when it comes to free education, where kids have the right to get free education.

Increases The Outside Bullying

Why do students take pride in what school they belong to, but their uniforms can be the object that can cause bullying from other schools, especially to those who don’t have one.

It Can Be Discomforting

Some kids might not be comfortable wearing some kind of garments that have been used in school uniforms.

It might be fabric, cut off the uniform, or the fitting.

This can cause discomfort to the child and also affect the concentration of the child.

Cause The Resentment Among Them

Not all students are into wearing their school uniform, they might not be happy with the idea of wearing the same kind of dress every day and might have different ideas.

But being forced to wear the same kind of uniform every day, it can cause resentment in them.

Because of this, they might dislike their teacher, school and parents.

It Takes Away The Freedom Of Expression

Learning the right way to express themselves is one of the things that parents want the kids to know.

However not allowing them to show their individuality through what they wear can oppress and take away their individuality.

Not just that, they can also be discouraged to be the way they are and their personality.

It Can Be The Extra Cost To Bear

Even though the school uniform can be affordable for some parents,  not all feel comfortable with it.

They have to purchase new uniforms in case the kids grow or the changes made by the school.

Not just that, if the student needs to go 5 or 6 days in a week, they will need 2 or 3 sets of school uniforms.

Promotes Intolerance Of Cultures

Most of the uniforms are not designed according to cultural dress.

They are focused on only one kind of culture,

Not just that, students might have different sexual orientations or external gender, they can be lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual.

But having one cultural school uniform can eventually promote intolerance towards the culture and among the people.

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