13+ Pros and Cons of Skype App (Explained)

Skype is a well known online meeting conduction application. It is highly useful amidst this Corona Virus pandemic.

Business organisations, educational institutions, government departments, and almost every sector of the industry needs an application to continue the work function with the safety of health in the pandemic.

Skype provides free cost calls up to 1 hour in this challenging situation which is a remarkable benefit to take into consideration. This article will highlight some of the significant aspects of using Skype for conducting an online meeting.

The Benefits of using Skype for online meetingsThe Drawbacks of using Skype for online meetings.
Accessible from any part of the worldPoor Chat Option.
Available for all the devicesHigh internet connection required. 
Available in both IOS and Android versionSupports only a small audience group
Makes the meeting or call available at offline mode
Why Should we use the skype app for online meetings

Advantages of using Skype for online meetings:

  • No App Download required:

There is no requirement of downloading the application version of Skype. One can conduct and join the meeting by using the web version.

Hence, there is no requirement to manage the application or update the application regularly. This makes it easy for business companies, organisations, institutions to manage and save time by directly using the web version.

Moreover, the backup of data is also easy to operate and does not require high supervision.

  • Multiple Subscription Plans:

Multiple Subscription Plans are available for paid users on the platform. The plans are designed to make it easy to choose a perfect plan according to the usage.

This makes it cost-friendly for users as there are fewer chances of paying more than the required amount. The small to large businesses are benefited by the subscription plans and finds Skype cheaper to use than other similar applications.

Hence, it is a perfect platform for all types of users having varying requirements of usage.

How do Subscription Plans of the Skype App Help Users
  • Easy to use:

Skype is an easy to use platform for all types of purposes. Even non-technical friendly users find it easy to manage and join the meetings.

This becomes a great advantage for local businesses and organisations to continue working remotely amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Easy for Conducting Small Meetings:

Moreover, Skype provides free cost calls for up to 10 hours per day and 100 hours per month. This makes it easy for conducting small meetings and conversations on the platform.

Moreover, anyone from all over the globe can attend the call with the password. Hence it makes it useful to conduct conferences and business meetings for international clients and investors. 

Why Should all Meeting Platforms be Encrypted
  • Access to various tools:

The Skype platform has access to a variety of tools used for managing the meetings and calls. Moreover, it includes some inbuilt tools that help in managing and scheduling appointments.

Google Calendar, Google Sheets and other Google tools are accessible and can be connected to the Skype call. This makes it efficient for business companies, organisations, educational institutions, an online course providing webinars to schedule and manage multiple meetings and calls daily.

Moreover, it is also helpful for the attendees to block the time to attend the meetings and manage their timelines.

  • Stream live meetings on social media:

Skype calls can be streamed live on social media like Facebook. This helps to gather a large amount of audience to attend the meeting.

This helps in the webinars that showcase some promotional content, educational institutions, NGOs, and marketing content publishing. 

  • Perfect Platform for Promotion:

Around two millions of people use Facebook; hence it becomes easier to make the content reach to its right audience and gather a fair amount of traffic to the meetings.

Therefore, Skype serves as a perfect platform for promoting the content or services effectively amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with keeping the safety of health at priority.

  • Sharing Content:

It is easy to share content like Powerpoint presentations, documents, word files, PDFs etc. during the meeting on Skype. This makes it useful and effortless to organize the data sharing on a call. 

  • Useful for Every Company:

It is useful for conducting business meetings and conference calls with reaching the motive of the meeting. It also helps to work remotely with staying updated and functional with work.

Hence, Skype serves as a good platform for educational institutions, business companies and many more.

Disadvantages of using Skype for online meetings:

  • Security Issues:

There are many invasive activities noticed during the meeting, which makes the security and privacy hindered on the platform.

Even after taking the appropriate steps to avoid the leakage of data shared during the meeting, cyber-attacks are faced frequently on the application. This makes it difficult for business companies, government organisations and other institutions to conduct a meeting with the safety and privacy of the data.

Hackers have succeeded in disturbing the ongoing sessions without having access to passwords. There is also data-stealing noticed on the application. Hence, Skype fails to provide secure and private calling and meetings.

Security Issues in Skype
  • High Storage Occupied:

The Skype call saves meetings and calls for accessing them at offline mode or after the conduction of the call. However, a big part of storage space is used in the process of saving the meeting.

Around 1-hour call occupies storage space of approximately 1 GB which is very high. Moreover, extra internet data is used for downloading objectives.

Hence, it becomes difficult for the large business companies or any other institutions to save multiple meeting data and manage them effectively. Additionally, accessing these stored data also becomes overwhelming and stressful. 

  • Low-quality video and audio:

Skype fails to provide high quality visual and sound during the call. This is also the case when a strong internet connection is available. There are multiple voice lags, and disconnects from an ongoing call observed. 

  • Impossible to Conduct Long Meetings:

Skype makes it challenging to conduct a long time-consuming meeting on the platform. It is also inconvenient to arrange a significant discussion on the call.

Hence, the platform does not serve well in providing a user interface friendly experience during an ongoing call or meeting.

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