17+ Pros And Cons of Slack (Explained)

The Slack application is a platform used to conduct online meetings and gatherings all over the globe.

Around 10 million people used the applications to run their online meetings and conferences daily. The application serves well for all the organizations and businesses to continue their work function amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with health safety.

This article highlights some interesting aspects of using the Slack application for conducting online meets and video conferencing.

The Benefits of using the Slack platform The Drawbacks of using the Slack platform 
Available for all the devices.High speed and stable internet connection is required.
Free meetings can be conducted.Only perfect fit for small and local businesses
Users can access meetings from any part of the world.

Advantages of Slack App for meetings:

  • Multiple Subscription Plans:

There are multiple subscription plans available for users. The paid programs are designed to make it easy for users to choose between them according to their usage and requirement.

This saves users from spending more on online meeting applications and continuing with the work function amidst the pandemic.

The maximum amount of subscription plans available is 8 USD. It helps small businesses and organizations to manage their budget by carrying out remote work.

  • Access to Multiple Tools:

The Slack application has access to multiple tools that helps you to organize and manage the meeting schedule.

The users can access and manage the Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheet, and many other Google tools applications from the platform. Moreover, Slack also has access to Microsoft applications and tools. This helps the host and attendees of the meeting to schedule and manage the meeting timetable.

The attendees can block the time of their program accordingly and be available for attending the conference. This helps to carry out work remotely with excellent efficiency and productivity.

  • Sharing data:

It is straightforward and useful to share data on the Slack application. The users can readily share PowerPoint presentations, documents, word files, images, and many more on the application. This makes the meeting more effective and easy to achieve the motive. 

  • High-Productivity:

The work function can also be carried out with higher productivity and efficiency by remote means.

This feature is highly remarkable and useful for conducting meetings for business companies, educational institutions, NGOs, online courses on different subjects, and many other organizations.

  • Chat and quick reactions:

The Slack application’s chat feature is handy for having conversations and discussions during an ongoing meeting. This makes it easy for shy and introverted team members to share their opinion or perspective during an endless meeting. 

  • Easy and Quick to Use:

The platform also has a quick reaction giving feature that helps react quickly to any of the messages.

This makes business meetings, conferences, and many other work activities to be performed promptly and efficiently. Moreover, the host of the meeting can block and manage unnecessary conversations from the attendees.

  • Stream Slack Calls on social media platform:

The users can stream the ongoing meetings live on social media platforms. This helps to gather a broad audience for the content of the meeting. Around two million people used the social media platform.

Hence streaming meetings and calls on social media help to gain a large amount of right traffic to your content. 

Perfect Platform for Promotion:

The platform also helps the webinars, educational content, promotional content, awareness-based content to reach a better and broader audience. Hence, Slack is the right platform to perform such meetings and gatherings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the health’s safety at the center.

  • No requirement of downloading an application:

The users can host and join the meetings from the website version of the application. They can access the website from any browser like Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, and many more.

This makes it easy for the users to manage their meetings by providing just an email address and password. Hence by just signing up, you can use the Slack platform. There is no requirement or compulsion to download the application version of the platform.

This saves users from regular updates management and also makes the backup data easier to access and administer.

Disadvantages of using Slack for conducting online meetings:

  • Security Issues:

The Slack platform fails to provide high security and privacy for conducting confidential meetings on the application. However, there are no invasive activities noticed on the application.

Hackers also find it hard to access and hack any forum without password change. But the data shared during the meeting is easily accessible and manageable by the platform technicians.

The Slack platform team can approach the data transferred during the meeting to ensure the legalization perspective of the sessions. Hence it is a better option not to conduct meetings and discussions on confidential information of business companies, government departments, and any other organizations on the platform.

  • Low video and audio quality:

The audio and video quality of the meetings on the platform is not appreciable. The Slack platform fails to provide a high definition of visual and sound during the session. The users experience many times voice lags and disconnection of the call.

This makes it difficult for the host to conduct an adequately long time-consuming meeting on the platform. The user experience is not remarkable on the platform, making it stressful and tedious to attend multiple sessions in a day.

  • Not suitable for a broad audience:

The platform is not suitable for conducting large attendees’ meetings. The maximum number of attendees a meeting can occupy is 15 members.

This makes it difficult for large businesses to achieve their meetings and conferences on the platform. Moreover, it also becomes difficult for webinars to manage their large number of attendees on the application. 

  • Recording calls is not allowed:

The users can not save and record the meetings conducted online. Hence, once a session is performed, it can not be Reaccessed in offline mode.

This makes it difficult for large companies and organizations to manage their meeting data and shared information during the meeting. 

  • Difficult Task to Reaccess the Meetings:

The codings and HTML files of the conducted meeting are available; however it requires a lot more effort to reaccess the sessions undertaken once. This makes it difficult and a significant drawback to use the application.

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