17+ Pros and Cons of Star leaf App (Explained)

The Star leaf is a perfect platform for conducting meetings and conferences in the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has a user-friendly interface and is accessible from all over the world. You just require a powerful internet connection and any electronic device to conduct or join any meeting. It is a handy app for businesses, NGOs, government departments, educational institutions to continue their function amidst the pandemic with the safety of health.

This article will highlight some significant aspects of using Star leaf for conducting online meetings.

Benefits of using Star leaf to conduct online meetingsThe Drawbacks of using Star leaf to conduct online meetings
Available for all the devices.Expensive as compared to other similar applications.
Stores meetings to access at offline modeStrong internet connection is required to avoid disturbances.

Advantages of using Star leaf for online meetings.

  • Great Platform to Conduct Confidential Conferences:

The Star leaf is a perfect platform that provides full security and privacy of the meetings conducted. No invasive activities are noted on the platform by taking proper precautions while hosting a meeting.

Hackers find it difficult to hack any gathering without the leakage of password from the meeting members. This point is huge to take into consideration as many other applications fail in providing full security.

Businesses and Government Organisations can freely conduct confidential conferences and meetings amidst the pandemic with the safety of both shared data and health.

  • Easy to use:

Anyone from any location on the globe having the password of the meeting can attend it. This makes it easy to connect with international clients and investors for business and conduct meetings.

The free option is also available at the platform which enables users to conduct a meeting for up to 20 attendees for 45 minutes at free of cost. This makes it easy for small businesses and organisations to conduct remote meetings and discussions over any project. 

  • Non-technical friendly:

The Star leaf application is easy and manageable by even non-technical friendly users. This serves as a great advantage for local and small businesses for continuing their work amidst the pandemic.

  • HD Video and Audio:

The Star leaf provides a high quality visual and sound during the meetings. This makes the user experience smooth and efficient during the meeting. Moreover, there is no lag of voice or disturbance during the meeting. 

  • Attend Long Hours Meetings:

All resources a user requires to enjoy a meeting is a stable internet connection and a comfortable place to sit. Yes, one can virtually attend long hour meetings on the platform. This makes it simpler to conduct long business meetings or educational classes online.

  • Multiple Subscription Plans:

There are multiple paid subscription plans available for conducting long meetings. This is useful for large businesses and organisations who require to conduct numerous meetings or work remotely.

It also aids the educational institutions to continue their academic activities without any problem. The subscription plans are well designed that it makes it easy for the user to choose a perfect plan as per the requirement. 

  • Sharing Content:

The content sharing is accessible during the meeting. One can share slides easily and can manage the viewing options.

Moreover, multiple media can be shared in a single session which makes it more efficient to conduct a business conference on the platform. Businesses, educational organisations find it easy to use the Star leaf for conducting meetings and conferences.

  • Access to multiple tools:

The Star leaf provides access to multiple inbuilt tools as well as has a connection with widely used tools. Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google docs, Microsoft tools, and many more.

This helps to organise the meeting schedule. The schedule can be easily shared with the attendees. This makes it easy for the meeting attendees to block their time of program for the discussion and accordingly set their timings.

Moreover, it becomes easier for organisations which conduct multiple sessions to manage efficiently without any problem or confusion.

  • Accessible Chat Section:

The Star leaf platform provides a good and easy to use chat section during the meeting. The attendees can share their perspectives and ideas regarding the topic without any disturbance during the meeting.

Moreover, the host of the meeting can take control over who can use the chat option. This avoids unorganised and unnecessary discussions during the meeting.

Disadvantages of using Star leaf for online meetings.

  • Social media streaming option is not available:

The Star leaf application does not support live streaming of meetings on social media. This makes it quite challenging for organisations to gather a broad audience.

Moreover, the application does not help a large audience of 10,000 attendees. Around two millions of people use Facebook. Social media has the power of bringing the massive and right amount of audience to your content if marketed with proper strategy.

However, the platform does not support sharing meetings on social media. Hence the platform is not suitable for conducting webinars, promotional content or free educational courses. 

  • Specific team requirements:

There is a minimum number of attendees required to start a meeting. This becomes unconventional for small businesses and conduction of one to one meetings with investors or collaborative conferences.

Hence, the platform does not serve well for conducting small attendees’ meetings. This makes it difficult for small marketers and local businesses to carry out their remote work function on the application. 

  • Download App:

The users have to download the application version of the Star leaf for practical usage. Moreover, regular updates are required to complete.

If the application is not updated regularly, the meeting quality gets disturbed and privacy is also kept at threat. This makes it difficult for large businesses and companies to manage the regularity of the application.

Moreover, proper management of data is to be taken care of in order to avoid the loss of data while updating the application. 

  • High storage space:

Meetings when recorded and saved, use a large amount of storage space. The storage space used for a single meeting for 45 minutes is in terms of GBs.

There is extra storage required to save the data shared in the meeting. This makes it inconvenient for large business companies to manage and store data regularly for every meeting. It also becomes hard to access the stored data when required.

A proper extra strategy has to be developed and followed to organize the meeting data. 

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