30+ Pros And Cons Of Using Aloe Vera (Explained)

Aloe vera, also known as Potted physicals, has a cactus-like plant with green leaves which are long and filled with a clear gel.

This plan was brought from Africa to North America in the 16th century.

However there are a lot of pros and cons that you will find of using aloe vera and to know more, here is what will help.

Pros Of Using Aloe VeraCons Of Aloe vera 
Heal wounds Cause skin infection 
Sooth the burns Bad for kids 
Reduce acne Taste weird and bad
Light blemishes Cause itchiness on hair 
Treat gum infections Side effect on heart 
Good for digestion Slow down the heartbeat 
Remove dandruff Not for pregnant women 
Reduce the arthritis swelling Lower sugar level 
Makes the immune system better Might have  allergies
Make your skin better Cause diarrhea and nausea
Cooling properties Irritating bowel movement 
Reduce acne Adverse certain medication 
Treat canker sores Need doctor consult 
A good natural styler Not for everyone
Boost metabolism Bitter in taste 
Boost hair growth Weaken the muscles 
Reduce dental plaque 
Ideal for rashes 
Add soft texture to hair 
Treat constipation 
Prevent hair loss
Reduce the skin damage 
Slow down the aging process
Lower sugar levels 
Natural conditioner for hair 
Treating stretch marks 

Pros Of Using Aloe Vera

Heal Wounds And Sooth The Burns

Aloe vera is good for sunburns, scarps, cuts, and burns w, this can help you in getting a more soothing feeling.

Also, it can be applied on wounds as it works as a mild anesthetic that relieves swelling, pain, and itching.

It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties and it can help in boosting the blood flow to the wounded areas

Reduce Acne And Light The Blemishes

Aloe vera on the skin can help you in reducing acne and tightening the blemishes.

Also, it can make your complexion brighter, you can use aloe vera along with a few drops of lemon.

Since aloe vera have auxins and give which helps in lightening the blemishes and acne.

Remove The Dandruff

If you have dandruff which can happen due to a lot of reasons, such as unwashed strands can lead to dead skin cells, oily scalp, sweets, or infections.

Using aloe vera can help, as it cleanses your scalp and removes the dead skin cells.

It contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory priorities which help in fighting against the infection on the scalp.

Boost Hair Growth

Aloe vera helps in boosting hair growth and it believes in the vitamin and minerals to your scalp.

You can use shampoo or a hair mask which can help in repairing the damaged skin cells. And it boosts hair elasticity.

Treating The Stretch Marks

Skin is like an elastic band, it expands and contracts as you age. Skin stretches at different times, it might be because of rapid weight gain and pregnancy.  In such situations, your skin might get stretch marks.

And by using aloe vera, it can help in taking care of those stretch marks on the skin. Simply use the gel on the skin twice a day and it can help you in getting results.


It’s Good For Intestinal Problems

Aloe vera juice is also effective for treating conditions related to digestion.

Also, the juice can help in detoxifying the bowel. Apart From this, it can relieve constipation and neutralize stomach acidity along with gastric ulcers.

Reducing The Arthritis Swelling

You can use the aloe vera for swelling of arthritis, and reducing the pain.

Even drinking the juice can help in inhibiting the autoimmune reactions which are associated with some forms of arthritis.

Treat The Gum Infections

If you have a stubborn infection in your mouth, washing with aloe juice several times a day can help in healing.

You can blend the gel of fresh leaf, remove the skin or water, and gargle it to get relief.

Makes Your Skin Look Good

Aloe vera has anti-aging properties which can make your skin look healthy.

Also if you are drinking aloe vera in every morning, it can boost the production of collagen

It can help in reversing the aging signs at an early stage.

Not just that, you can rejuvenate the skin as it detoxes the digestive system better.

It Has Cooling Properties

Aloe vera contains cooling properties which makes it good for summer days.

Not just that, if your eyes are feeling too hot or burning, you can use the leaf or soak it using a clean cloth, put it on your eyes, and let it rest.

This can also treat the headache if you are sensitive to heat and makes you feel overall cool down on hot summer days.

Makes Your Immune System Better

According to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center studies, an element in aloe vera contains the immune modulating effect. 

And it helps in improving the immune system function especially in fighting against cancer and pathogens.

According to Ayurveda, it is also highly effective in treating different conditions related to skin such as acne, psoriasis, shingles, eczema, and ultraviolet-induced erythema.

It also helps in treating a condition like cold sores, scrapes, genital herpes like inflammatory conditions.

A Natural Conditioner For Hair

You can use aloe vera as a natural condition as it can help in moisturizing the hair, also add volume, and improve the hair texture.

Aloe vera is chemical-free, so it does a good job of cleansing the scalp. It also helps in making the hair look healthy and shiny.

It’s a Natural For Styling

Aloe vera can help you in getting a style in your hair without damaging it.

You can use the gel as shampoo, use it as an anti-frizz spray, and hair gel.

You can use it with dried herbs, essential oils, jojoba oils, and aloe vera plum to create a natural shampoo.

It Lowers The Sugar Level In Blood

Aloe vera can help in lowering the sugar level. Also, it’s great for treating diabetics.

You can take the juice several times between your meals as it can heal the liver and pancreases.

Reduce The Dental Plaque

Tooth decay as well as diseases in the gum can be a common problem. However, the best way of preventing this is to reduce plaque build-up or bacterial biofilms.

Rinsing your mouth using aloe vera can be helpful and it’s equally effective as chlorhexidine.

Treat The Canker Sores

A lot of people suffer from mouth unclear or also known as canker sores.

It can be underneath your lip, inside the mouth and stay for more than a week

Aloe vera can help in reducing mouth ulcers and heal them more naturally.

Not just that, it can help in healing the pain and discomfort you get.

Treat The Constipation

Aloe vera is also good for treating constipation. Here not gel but the latex helps.

The latex is the sticky yellow residue that you get under the skin of the aloe vera leaf.

Here you get the aloin or barbaloin which helps in the laxative effect and also the key compound.

Prevent The Wrinkles

Tropical aloe vera can also slow down the aging skin, it can help in retaining the moisture of the skin and improving the integrity.

This is also good for dry skin and reduces the chances of wrinkles.

Ideal For Rashes And Allergic Reactions

If you have any kind of rashes or skin problems, including allergic reactions on your skin.

You can apply the gel to the skin, it has cool properties which gives instant relief and since it’s natural, it keeps your skin healthy too.

It Boosts The Metabolism

Aloe vera is believed to have a major boost to your metabolism, and due to which your body can burn fat much faster.

Due to the metabolism-boosting properties, as it contains vitamin B, your body can convert fat into energy and also help in losing weight.

Its Fight Against Water Retention

The aloe vera has a laxative so if you are drinking the aloe vera juice it can help in fighting against the water weight.

However, it’s important not to drink a lot of juice as it can cause some side effects like dehydration, cramps, etc.

So make sure you check with your doctor and ensure how much your body needs and what in amount.

Preventing The Hair Loss

The proteolytic enzymes which are present in aloe vera can help in preventing hair loss.

It gives a protective layer to your hair and also keeps it safe from environmental factors including humidity, pollution, and heat.

You can use the aloe vera gel on hair when it’s damp, and you can use it as a leave-in conditioner to keep it hydrated and frizz-free.

Add Soft Texture To Your Hair

Aloe vera acts as a deep condition and it helps in giving a soft texture to your hair especially if it’s frizzy and dry.

Also, it opened up hair cuticles, retaining the natural oils and improving the calp.

It keeps the texture soft and smooth, it also improves the overall condition of hair.

Cons Of Using Aloe Vera

It Can Cause Digestive Disorders

Aloe vera has latex which can be allergic, also it can cause diarrhea and if you consume too much of it, it can make your digestive system go bad.

This also leads to pain in the abdomen, cramps, and dehydration.

You Might Be Allergic

Aloe vera even though it’s completely natural, there are a lot of people who might have allergies.

And this can cause skin allergies, skin rashes, redness in the eyes, burning, and irritations.

Too Low Sugar Level In Blood

If you are consuming the juice, there are chances that it causes a drop in sugar level.  

It also causes laxative effects which cause electrolyte imbalances in diabetics.

So if you are a diabetic, it’s better to consult with your doctor before you try the juice.

It’s Not For Pregnant Women

The aloe vera juice is not for those who are pregnant or lactating mothers.

It has irritant qualities which stimulate uterine contractions.

Due to this, it can cause complications during delivery and birth.

Adverse Reaction to Some Medications

If you are planning to add aloe vera to your diet or drinking juice, it’s better to consult the doctor.

Especially if you are taking the prescribed medicines or undergoing treatment.

Since the plant has some adverse reactions to certain mistakes.

It contains laxative properties which inhibit the absorption of certain drugs.

Cause The Weakness To the Muscles

Aloe vera consumption might be dangerous for children and elderly people. It’s not for consumption as it can cause an irregular heartbeat, also weaken the muscles.

If you have a heart condition, it can get worse due to taking aloe vera.

It Has Some Serious Side Effects On Heart

When you consume the aloe vera,  your body’s level of potassium ions gets lower.

Also, potassium is important as it makes your cardiovascular heat and makes sure that the heart is working properly.

With this, it depletes the intestinal lining cells.

Due to aloe vera consumption, it can lead to some serious problems and side effects on your heart.

Cause The Cardiovascular Diseases

Aloe vera increases the risk as it might cause an irregular heartbeat. And due to which it can cause side effects on your health.

Including the detoxifies the liver, kidney failure, weakens the muscle, and lowers the potassium level in blood.

It Cause Itchiness On Hair

If you have a sensitive scalp, applying gel on your hair can cause itchiness and irritation.

Not just that,  it’s not important that you might be able to digest the gel and it can lead to major hair problems.

It’s Not For The Kids

Aloe vera contains latex, and it’s not suitable for children.

As kids have higher sensitivity toward latex, and especially if they have a fragile stomach. Latex can be bad for their health, it can cause diarrhea, fluid loss and can be fatal.

It Tastes Weird And Bad

In a lot of cases, aloe vera has bitterness and has a weird gooey texture which makes it weird to eat.

Not just that, it has a really easy order which is quite like rotten garlic.

The scent comes from sap, and it can easily smell if you cut the leaves.

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