15+ Pros and Cons of Using the Join Me App (Explained)

Join me is an online platform used for conducting the online meetings and conferences. The application provides a free trial meeting plan which has some limited yet useful features.

This helps large and small businesses, educational institutions, government departments, and many other organizations conduct meetings and gather sessions online through the platform. This helps to continue work function at the remote level effectively and productively by keeping health safety at the center.

This article will highlight some exciting aspects of using Join me an application for online meetings.

The Benefits of using the Join me platform The Drawbacks of using the Join me platform 
Available for all the devices.Accessible from 40 limited countries.
Easy sharing data.Requires strong internet connection. 
Perfect for Small Businesses.Video Quality and Number of attendees are inversely proportional.
How Is Life Made Easier by Using Join Me for Conducting Online Meetings

Advantages of using Join me for conducting online meetings:

High Security:

The Join me application successfully provides high security and privacy while conducting meetings on the platform.

The sessions are end-to-end encrypted, which does not allow even the team members and technicians to access the data shared during the meeting. Moreover, no invasive activities are noticed in the application while conducting sessions. 

Host has full Control:

The host can lock the meeting room, and hence only the attendees who are allowed by the host can enter the meeting even if they have the session’s invitation link.

This makes it highly secure and easy to maintain privacy while conducting seminars on the platform. This is a great advantage for large businesses and government departments to organize meetings on confidential information with full privacy. 

Simple subscription plans:

The Join me platform has well designed the subscription plans. This helps users choose a proper subscription plan without any confusion according to their respective usage and requirements. Moreover, the subscription plans have some extra features which are fantastic to use. 

How Do the Simple Subscription Plans of This Application Help Us

Also fair for small business:

This makes it easy for small businesses to continue their work remotely without investing much capital on online meeting applications. The paid subscription plan starts from $10, which is an exceptionally good price for the available features during the meeting or session.

Multiple Tools access:

The users are capable of accessing multiple tools that help to organize and manage the meeting schedule. The Join me application supports the access to Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and all the other similar Google application tools.

Moreover, the application also has access to Microsoft tools that helps the host to organize and manage the multiple meeting schedule efficiently. This allows the attendees to manage and block their time according to the meetings.

This makes the meeting conducting process smooth and effective.

Features of The Join Me Application

No App download required:

The users have not been required to compulsory download the application version of the Join me the platform. The users can host and join the meetings using the website. Hence, this saves from updating the application regularly to have a smooth and significant experience of using the platform. 

Manageable Backup Data:

The users don’t find it challenging to manage the backup data files. Hence using the web version of the application provides an effective and productive solution for conducting online meetings.

Facile Utilization:

Join me is an easy-peasy platform for conducting online meetings and conferences. The users can quickly join the discussion with the invitation link.

Moreover, each invitation link formed for sharing is unique and avoids any kind of confusion. The host can easily create a new meeting room and invite the attendees to join by sharing the invitation link via message or emails.

This makes it easy to conduct multiple meetings and conferences online, without any confusion. 

Effective UI

The Join me application has easy and simple UI design. This way, non-technical friendly users can also easily understand and manage the application’s method. This makes it simple and efficient for small and local businesses to carry on with their work function amidst the pandemic.

Chat and quick reaction:

The chat feature of the application is very useful to converse in an ongoing meeting. This helps the shy and introvert attendees of the session to share their viewpoint.

The platform is handy for conducting discussions and conferences on topics as the chat feature makes it easy to share every attendee’s opinions and makes the argument compelling.

Moreover, the quick reactions feature is also useful for responding and communicating the viewpoint on the topic.

Disadvantages of using Join me for conducting online meetings:

How Can The Join Me Application Sometimes Cause Problems For Us

Low video and audio quality:

The Join me application fails to provide a high-quality video and audio during the meeting. This makes the poor user experience and difficult to conduct a long time-consuming meeting on the application.

Many times voice lag and disconnecting from an ongoing discussion are experienced by the users. This makes it hard to conduct effective and productive meetings on the platform.

Moreover, it becomes stressful and tedious to attend long meetings with proper concentration.

Large storage space occupied:

The users have to spend a large storage space to save and record the meeting data in offline mode. This makes it challenging to manage and access the data of every meeting after its online conduction.

Around 1 GB of storage space is occupied by a single 1-hour meeting data. This makes it hard for large business companies and organizations to conduct and administer multiple meeting data and access them at the right time when required.

Moreover, downloading and recording of meetings takes charge of extra internet data usage.

Quality deprives when attendees increase:

The quality of the meeting declines when the number of attendees increases. The maximum number of attendees a meeting can occupy is 250. However, when the number of attendees crosses 75, the quality of visual and sound is disturbed.

This makes it challenging to conduct a long time-consuming meeting that occupies a large number of audience. This serves as a big drawback for business companies, large organizations, educational institutions, webinars conducting companies, and similar organizations to conduct an effective and smooth meeting or conference on the platform.

Does not support the live streaming session on social media:

The Join me application does not support the live streaming of meetings on the social media platform. This does not allow the webinars and promotional content to access the right amount and a large number of audiences.

Hence, it becomes difficult for the organizations and institutes to conduct content that can reach a perfect audience and traffic on the social media platform.

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