17+ Pros and Cons of Using the Meetings App (Explained)

Meetings is an application which helps to conduct online meetings and conferences. This platform can be easily accessed with the help of the link meetings. This platform has excellent reviews on the Google Play Store of 4.6 ratings.

This helps the large and small businesses, educational institutions, government departments, NGOs and many other organizations to continue their work function with high productivity and efficiency amidst the COVID-19 pandemic keeping the safety of the health at the centre.

This article highlights some of the benefits and drawbacks of using the Meeting application to conduct online meetings.

The Benefits of using the Meetings application The Drawbacks of using the Meetings application
Available for all the devices.High internet connection required. 
Free trial meetings available.Audio and Video are not up to the standards.
Manages multiple sessions.Recording of the session is not possible.

Advantages of Using the Meetings Application for Conducting Online Meetings

High Security:

The Meetings application successfully provides high security and privacy while conducting video conferences and meeting sessions. The meetings conducted on the platform are end-to-end encrypted with a high technology level.

This is very useful for conducting business-related meetings and discussion on confidential topics. Moreover, no invasive activities are noticed during ongoing sessions. 

Host has full Control:

The host can lock the meeting rooms, and hence the attendees need to wait till the host approves them to join the meeting. So this helps to secure panels even if the links are shared with non requested attendees.

Hence, it is safe to conduct meetings for government departments, business organizations, and similar institutes.

Easy sharing of data:

It is straightforward to share data while conducting a meeting on the meetings platform. The users can share their screen without any difficulty.

Moreover, with the help of the data in the media like Powerpoint presentation, documents, word files, images, videos and many other similar contents makes the meeting to reach its motive more effectively and rapidly. 

Perfect Platform for various Industries:

Moreover, users can also concentrate on the conference efficiently. Hence, the medium serves perfect for business organizations, educational institutions, webinars, awareness creating content and many other such types of gatherings to occur with great success.

Access to Multiple Tools:

The Meetings application has access to a variety of tools. This tool helps to organize and manage multiple meeting schedules on a daily basis. Moreover, the application has also some inbuilt tools to help you organize and make a time table for your meetings.

The application provides access to Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google Drive and all the other Google application tools. 

Host can Organize and Manage Multiple Meetings:

Additionally, it also has access to Microsoft, Skype, and many other applications to provide a one-stop for conducting all types of meetings and conferences. This tool helps the host to organize and manage the multiple meetings schedule.

Moreover, it also allows the attendees to block their time according to the time table of meetings and conferences. 

Simple subscription plans:

The Meetings application has designed simple and easy to understand paid subscription plans. This saves users from spending more than the required amount. The users can easily choose between the available plans according to their usage and requirement of features, respectively.

This makes it easy for small businesses and non-technology friendly users to continue their work function remotely with the same efficiency and productivity amidst the pandemic.

Facile Utilization:

The platform “Meetings Application” is easy to use and manage several meetings. The platform is designed in such a manner that it’s simple yet useful features that help the users to have a great user experience.

The user interface is well developed by which the users don’t find any difficulty in using the application.

The host can easily create multiple meeting rooms. Also, the host can easily share meeting links via messages and emails to the attendees. 

Stream live meetings on social media platforms:

The Meeting application supports the live streaming of meetings on social media platforms. This helps to gain a large number of audience and viewers to the meeting conducted.

This feature is highly useful for webinars, online courses, awareness creating content, promotional events and similar types of content which are shown on the online platform due to the pandemic to gain a large amount of audience. Around 2 million people use social media platforms on a daily basis. 

Perfect for promotional activities:

The features are highly useful for webinars, online courses, awareness creating content, promotional events and similar types of content which are conducted on the online platform due to the pandemic to gain a large amount of audience.

This helps the content to reach its right audience when marketed with a proper strategy.

Infinite audience occupancy:

The paid plans and subscription of the Meetings application allows an infinite number of audience to attend the meeting.

This is a highly remarkable point for large businesses, educational institutions, government departments, webinars, online courses and similar types of content to conduct conferences and gatherings and conferences effectively and efficiently.

This assists the meeting topics to reach a large amount of audience in a single session. 

No application download required:

The users don’t require to download the application version of the platform. They can easily host and join meetings by using the web version of the application. This makes it easy to manage the application and conduction of the sessions. Moreover, the users don’t need to regularly update the platform for smooth usage and access to all newly available features. 

Easy Access to Backup Data:

Furthermore, the backup of data shared in the meeting also becomes easy to manage. Hence, it is easier to organize and use the platform without downloading any application version.

Disadvantages of Using the Meetings Application for Conducting Online Meetings

Low audio and video quality:

The Meetings application does not provide high-quality video and audio during the meeting.

This makes the poor user experience and difficulty in conducting a long time-consuming meeting on the application. Many times voice lag and disconnecting from an ongoing meeting is experienced by the users.

This makes it hard to conduct effective and productive meetings on the platform. Moreover, it becomes stressful and tedious to attend long meetings with proper concentration.

Cannot record meetings:

The users of the Meeting application can not save and record the meetings conducted online. Hence, once a session is conducted, it can not be reassessed in offline mode. This makes it difficult for large companies and organizations to manage their meeting data and shared information during the meeting. 

Hard to access data:

The codings and HTML files of the conducted meeting are available; however, it requires a lot more effort to reassess the sessions undertaken once. This makes it difficult and a big drawback to using the application.

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