19+ Pros and Cons of Using the Yugma App (Explained)

The Yugma application is an online meeting and video conference conducting platform. The users can host and attend multiple meetings from their devices on a daily basis. Moreover, free trial meetings can occupy up to 10 attendees.

This helps the users to test the effectiveness of the meeting quality practically. The platform is highly useful for businesses, educational institutions, and similar organizations to function amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by keeping the safety of the health at the centre.

This article highlights some significant aspects of using the Yugma application for conducting meetings.

The Benefits of using the Yugma application to conduct online meetings.The Drawbacks of using the Yugma application to conduct online meetings.
Available for all the devices.It requires a strong internet connection.
Records meeting and makes it available in offline mode.Video quality is not up to the mark.
The perfect platform for startups.

Advantages of using the Yugma application for conducting online meetings.

Effective data sharing:

The Yugma application provides an effective way of sharing data in an ongoing meeting. The users can easily share screen and data like Powerpoint presentation, documents, word files, excel sheets, images, videos and many other similar types of content during an ongoing meeting.

This makes it useful and easy to reach the motive of the meeting conducted. The attendees can effortlessly concentrate on the meeting because of the data shared during the session.

This helps the business companies, educational institutions, and similar organizations to conduct meetings and conferences productively.

Access to Numerous Tools:

The Yugma platform provides access to multiple tools. This helps the users to organize and schedule the multiple meeting schedule on a daily basis.

The application has access to Google Calendar, Google Sheets, Google drive and all the other Google application tools. Moreover, it also has access to Microsoft application tools, and even some inbuilt tools are available in the application.  

Allows Host to Organize Multiple Sessions:

This helps the host to organize and manage the multiple meeting and conference schedules. Additionally, the attendees of the meetings can block the time from their time table accordingly and manage their schedule of attending the various meetings. 

Simple subscription plans:

The platform has designed easy and straightforward paid plans. This makes it easy for users to choose the right plan according to their usage requirements and needs. The programs are designed in such a manner that makes it easy to understand for even non-technology friendly users to choose the right plan.

The paid plans give access to a variety of tools and features which helps in conducting meetings effectively and efficiently. 

Fair for Small Businesses:

This helps the small and local businesses to carry out their work function with great productivity amidst the pandemic. This saves them from spending a high amount of capital on the online meeting conducting applications and technology. 

High Security:

The Yugma platform successfully provides high security and privacy while conducting meetings and conferences on the platform. The host can lock the meeting room, and hence the attendee needs permission from the host to enter the meeting despite having the meeting link.

This leads to safer discussions and avoids any kind of third-party invasive activities. Moreover, the meetings are end to end encrypted which does not allow even the application members and technical team to access the data shared during the session.

Hackers find it difficult to hack or conduct a cyber attack on the server of the application due to highly secured technology. 

Beneficial for Government Conferences:

This is beneficial for business companies to conduct meetings on investment topics or on confidential issues. Moreover, it also benefits the government departments to conduct conferences and meetings amidst the pandemic.

Facile Utilization:

The application is easy and efficient to use. The users can easily regulate the application by following simple starting guidelines. It has simplified and easy methods to host and join the meetings. 

Perfect Platform:

The host can easily invite the attendees of the meeting by sharing the link, which has a password through messages or emails.

This makes it simple for even non technologically friendly users to use and manage the application. The main benefit of using the application is that it allows the users to conduct multiple meetings and conferences on a daily basis.

Hence, it helps to connect with people effectively by keeping the safety of health at the centre.

Large audience occupancy:

The meeting can occupy a maximum of 200 attendees. This makes it easy to conduct meetings that require a large number of attendees.

This helps the large business companies to conduct meetings and conferences that occupy all their employees effectively. Moreover, it is also helpful for educational institutions to teach classes on the platform.

No application download required:

The users don’t require to download the application version of the platform. They can easily host and attend the meetings by just creating an account by submitting an email address and password.

They can access the website version from any device. This makes it easy for large business companies and organisations to conduct multiple meetings on a daily basis. 

Not Required to Update the Application Regularly:

Moreover, there is no requirement to regularly update the application to access new features and experience smooth conductance of meetings and conferences.

Also, the management of backup data becomes easier on the web version of the platform as compared to the application.

Disadvantages of using the Yugma application for conducting online meetings.

Sometimes video and audio quality decline:

The video and audio quality of the meeting decline when the number of attendees increases.

Many times voice lags and disconnection from the ongoing meeting is experienced. This makes it hard to conduct a long time consuming meeting with the same efficiency and productivity. 

Poor UX:

The user experience declines and makes the meetings stressful and tedious to attend. Moreover, the host finds it difficult to make the motive of the meeting reach its prospective aim.

Hence, it is difficult to conduct webinars, large business meetings, educational classes and similar types of long meetings with a large number of attendees on the platform.

High storage space occupied:

The users find it difficult to efficiently save the data shared and the recording of the meetings. The recordings occupy high storage space in the device. The single 1-hour meeting recording occupies around 1GB of storage space.

Moreover, extra internet data is used to record and download the recordings and data shared during the meeting.  

Not suitable for Various Institutions:

The platform makes it hard for large business companies, educational institutions, organizations to manage the data shared during the meeting and also access the recording of the multiple meetings when needed.

Hence it becomes stressful and tedious to handle such a vast amount of data.

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