18+ Pros and cons of voting for Kamala Harris (Explained)

Kamala Harris is an American Politician and Lawyer and has also been the United States senator since 2017. Harris made history when she became the first African American woman to be nominated as the Vice President candidate for Presidential Elections of the U.S all set up for November 2020. She will be the running mate of a major party’s Presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

As a matter of fact, Harris has been one of Joe Biden’s former rivals in the Presidential race. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of voting for Kamala Harris, which will help you decide what call you should take about voting for Harris or not.

Benefits of voting for Kamala Harris Drawbacks of voting for Kamala Harris 
Equality in the representation of the blacksA past record of confused campaign persona 
Reforms of the crucial justice systemHer policy institutions are massive
A tough environmental saviorToo tough on crimes
Theoretically, her dynamic identity in politics can help to channel African American votesVulnerable in personal affairs
She is appreciated by activist and Democratic donors 
Adequate climatic change plan 

#Advantages of Voting for Kamala Harris

  • Equality in Representation of the Black People-

If Harris gets elected as the Vice President of the U.S, it will be a victory for the representation of Black people in the U.S since she will be the first African American woman to do so.

Since the incident of the killing of a Black man, George Floyd, by a white police officer took place, there has been a wave of protests demanding Equality for the Blacks. 

  • Reforms of the Criminal Justice System-

Kamala Harris herself said that the reason behind her starting as a prosecutor was because she was inclined to make reforms within. Harris’s susceptibility of wanting to change policy reforms include co-authoring of a Senate Bill to ban Police’s atrocities and also take other steps points out to the fact that 

She can certainly make alterations to the Criminal Justice System, which is clearly a very important issue this year. These reforms have two possibilities, either the reforms made by her government is going to mobilize great votes on her bank or is going to alienate the votes. 

  • A tough Environmental Saviour-

Kamala Harris has always been known to be tough on the environmental polluters during her tenure as a Senator.

The citizens of the United States want the Government to be tough on the people who are responsible for the deteriorating condition of the environment in their country, the most affected social class by the degrading environmental conditions being the Lower socio-economic classes. Harris is well suited to almost anyone on that file.

  • Theoretically, her dynamic identity in politics can help to channel votes from African American votes-

Harris has some good records in her pocket with some memorable debates and senatorial hearing performances. She is assumed to be capable of amassing votes from a different section of America.

She appears to be appeasing blacks and cops who are skeptical of Trump’s authority. People from different walks sees a promising future under Kamala’s government.

  • She is appreciated by activist and democratic donors-

According to the survey held in April 2019, Kamala Harris came out to be the most appealing activists with massive support around the globe. The support from the Democrats can help Biden acquire better than average results in the election.

  • Adequate Climatic Change Plan-

With 69% of the United States voters wanting the Government to do something about Climate Change, Kamala Harris seems to be a good choice for the same reason. In the year 2011, she was awarded the ClCV environmental leadership for her part in doing good for the environment. 

Disadvantages of voting for Kamala Harris

  • A past record of confused campaign Persona-

Harris’s past record of the Presidential campaign gives us a clear insight into the fact that She has a quite fuzzy façade. She was once supporting Medicare for all but backed off saying that She supports the riddance of private insurance. 

She named herself, “progressive prosecutor”, despite the fact that in 2003, she showed that she could be heavy on both crime and criminals. An unclear Persona of a nominee for the Vice President of the United States is certainly not in the favor of the Citizens of the country.

  • Her Policy Intuitions are Massive-

Harris managed to put up an anti-poverty policy with the LIFT Act that was both expensive and useless for the poorest citizens of the United States. She needs to take all her steps in regarding the amendments of laws very wisely and strategically considering all the possibilities.

  • Too Tough on Crimes-

Harris’s past records worsen the questions, Joe Biden has faced about the tough on crime stands taken by him in the 90s. In more than a single case, the office of Kamala had to fight claims, who were not rightfully convicted. 

  • Weak geographic coverage –

Harris and her team are doing very less in the field of getting the geographic ticket. She seems to be playing safe by taking a ticket to her hometown in an election, which in all means is understandable but gaining support from the different regions is equally important.

She needs to promote herself and her party on a large campaign that the masses get her message. 

  • Vulnerable on personal affairs-

Kamala in her past dated Willie Brown who is a former member of California State Assembly and a former mayor of San Francisco. She dated a man double her age who claims that he helped her gain a position in politics. Her personal affair can be a source of trolling her on social media by the right-wing party.

Every Candidate running in for the presidential elections obviously have some positives as well as negative attributes, Harris comes with a track record as the former Attorney General of California and district attorney of San Francisco. She also happens to be serving as the United States Senator since 2017.

Moreover, Kamala Harris is not only the first woman of color to appear on a major Presidential ticket, but she is also the first person of South Asian descent to do so. However, it seems like the pros of voting for Kamala Harris overweight the cons.

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