30+ Pros And Cons Of Shellac Nails (Explained)

Grooming has made us a self-care manic, especially in this era, from how hair strands must look to the look of toes; every tiny aspect matters the most because it is not just to impress the crowd but to make ourselves look presentable.

Shellac nail is one of the most unique and popular manicure manias, which probably will remain the most typical manicure fashion in the coming years as well. 

Advantages Of Shellac NailsDisadvantages Of Shellac Nails
Shellac nails last longer in some cases; they last longer than expected Shellac nails can ruin your natural nails
They give a smooth, mirror and shiny finishProfessionals must remove them for better results
They enhance the beauty of your hands and nailsThey might dehydrate your natural nails if adequate care is not taken
It has an easy removal procedureThey are pretty expensive 

Advantages Of Shellac Nails

Shellac nails are a new-age fashion trend prevailing now and have some unique advantages, which we will enlighten you with.


Benefits of Shellac Nails

  • They give you a neat and glossy finish.
  • They are long-lasting
  • Enhances the beauty of hands and nails
  • Easy removal procedure
  • It gives a trendy look
  • It is non-chipping
  • They are worth the hype
  • They do not fade away easily
  • They stay intact for more than typical days.

It Gives a Neat and Glossy Finish

Neat and glossy nails are everyone’s dream; who doesn’t look for neat and glossy nails with a pop-up color? 

Everyone would want to get it, so here is one best option, and that is everyone’s favorite shellac nails. This procedure gives you those dreamy nails that you have always dreamt of.

They Last Longer than Expected

Yes, shellac nails last longer than you certainly expected them to. With this unique feature, you do not have to worry about visiting the nail artist frequently; this does the right job for you, mainly if you belong to the working class; you do not have to worry about getting it done often. Once you get it done, take an extended break before you revisit.

Enhances the Beauty

If you have noticed people talking to you, then you must have observed the hand gestures that they make.

Hands are something that we use a lot often when communicating with people around us, so ensuring that your hands are neat and well done is pretty significant, so in this case, you can try your hands on their shellac nails, which enhances the beauty of your hands.

Easy Removal

The procedure used to take off the shellac nails is competitively easier than those of other nails; with little extra effort, one can easily take off the shellac nails or opt for professional help if needed.

It Never Goes out Of the Trend

Shellac nails are one of those fashion manias which will never go out of trend; these nails are pretty conventional of all times, so without worrying and without having a second thought about the ongoing trend, one can easily opt for shellac nails.

It Is Non-Chipping

As already discussed above, one of the advantages of shellac nails is that it is long-lasting and non-chipping. It gives you the same look after days of getting it done. So is it not one of the amazing unique features of shellac nails? 

They precisely stay intact for days, and you do not have to worry about getting them done repeatedly.

It Is Worth the Hype

Well, this is one question that is hounding around the fashion arena. Do you think that shellac nails are genuinely worth the hype?

Yes, shellac nails are genuinely worth the hype concerning the after-use results alongside the extraordinary features they possess. You can give it a try at least once in your lifetime.

They Do Not Fade Away Easily

The best part of shellac nails is that they do not fade away that easily until you want to get rid of them, and you do not find the need to paint them again and again.

They stay intact

One best and unique qualities of shellac nails is that they stay intact for more than the expected duration. So you do not have to worry about the nails falling apart.

Disadvantages Of Shellac Nails

We have now comprehended the advantages; however, shellac nails also have disadvantages. Let us take a look at them.

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Complications of Shellac Nails

  • These nails can ruin your natural nails
  • Professional help is required to remove the nails
  • They might dehydrate your nails
  • They are expensive
  • They contain chemicals
  • The oils used can penetrate underneath your nails
  • No better choices in color selection

Can Ruin Your Natural Nails

Though the shellac nails give your nails a sophisticated look, however, they can ruin your nail over time, specifically while taking off the nails, as one needs special care before taking the nails off. If no care is taken, then they can damage your nails badly.

You Might Require Professional Help

Taking off these shellac nails all by yourself can get a little more challenging if you lack patience, as you need to put extra effort into taking them off because they can damage your natural nails. So it is suggested to take help from a professional nail artist.

They Might Dehydrate Your Nails

Getting shellac nails enables you to go through a procedure of dehydration which later results in the dehydration of your cuticles. So you might require some special care after getting them done.

They Are Expensive 

The whole procedure of shellac nails is pretty expensive; however, it entirely relies on the standard of nail artists. Yet, the minimum charge for getting shellac nails is something not everyone can afford.

They Contain Chemicals

Shellac does contain a bunch of toxic chemicals alongside one has to keep their hands under the UV lights to cure the nail color, which precisely doubles the toxicity. If you would want to try your hands on these nails, then do consider their toxic nature as well.

The Oils Can Penetrate Inside

We already realized that these shellac nails contain chemicals, and these chemical oils can penetrate deep inside the skin, causing reactions and allergies, so give it a thought before you try them out.

No Better Choices in Color Selection

Shellac nails have comparatively fewer color collections to choose from. If you are opting for shellac nails, then you should settle down with fewer color shades.

All in all, we discerned everything that we had to regarding the shellac nails. Whether or not to opt for this nail is entirely up to you. Consequently, one needs to understand how hazardous it can get over time. 

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