22+ Pros and Cons of Living In Worcestershire (Explained)

Worcestershire is situated in the west Midland of England. Worcestershire is considered to be the third best place to live in the world. During the early Middle Ages, the region of Worcestershire has been a point of religious and cultural learning.

It is a densely populated area with approximately 5.92 lakhs. The monks and the clergy members of the Worcester cathedral still prioritize simple living and is less corrupted than their contemporaries. 

In this article, we enlist a few pros and cons of residing in Worcestershire to help people who are planning to live in the region.

Benefits of living in Worcestershire Drawbacks of living in Worcestershire 
Good accessibility Mass unemployment 
A lot to do in Worcestershire Poverty
Cost of living is reasonably lowHaunted places in the region
Renting a house can double your moneyLacks in technology 
The local economy is goodPoor education facilities 
Rich in arts and cultureIgnorance in the people 
Variety of foods and fruits
Post-retirement life

Advantages of living in Worcestershire 

Good accessibility-

One of the greatest perks of living in Worcestershire is that the region has great roads, railway networks. Commuting daily for college or work may not be a problem for you. You get access to the local and international airport as well, the Birmingham International Airport. The roadways links to every metropolitan city in England. 

A lot to do in Worcestershire 

Life in Worcestershire is much more fun and adventurous. When in Worcestershire you can never be struck by boredom. You can go hiking or visit a sea life world or take a day off and just visit a Museum.

It has hundreds of retail parks. Life in Worcestershire is much fun and happening. You can get a lot of pictures to post on your social media platforms. 

Cost of living is reasonably low-

People in Worcestershire live a simple living with low wages. As compared to other cities in the United Kingdom, Worcestershire has a low cost of living. People with an average income can live a good life in the county. So when a person desires to live a good life with a relatively low income can shift to Worcestershire.

Renting a house can double your money-

Most of the People in Worcestershire rent their houses in order to increase their income. Students and employees find no difficulty in searching a room for themselves. According to the sources, Worcestershire has recorded the fastest increase in the prices of the houses. Few people earn their bread and butter by renting their houses.  

The local economy is good-

People, out there are mostly self-employed. The local market of the county has helped to boost the economy of the region. There is a tremendous increase in the provincial market. The type of employment prevalent there is renting a house, farming, selling homemade goods and etc.

Rich in arts and culture –

The people out here are mostly catholic Christians. The place is famous for its magnificent cathedral. Some famous church is St. Lawrence Church, Claines church, and many more. The place is a great source of religious learning for Christians. 

Variety of food and fruits-

The region is famous for various reasons, one being the delicacy of the county. The Worcestershire sauce is famous all over the United Kingdom for its spicy flavor. The region also grows pine pears which are exported throughout the country and world.

The food is available in the local hotels also less in taste. So if you want to have a good meal at a relatively low price than you must visit the county.

Post-retirement life-

People who want to enjoy their retirement life can surely find the place amazing to spend. The surrounding for aged people to spend the rest of their life amidst nature and fresh air is good.

Disadvantages of living in Worcestershire 

Mass unemployment-

The county has mass unemployment and low wage rates. The county is not a place to start a career as the place is already facing a tough time in employing the residents of the county. Mass unemployment has caused the residents to migrate to another region of the country. 

Haunted places in the region-

Oswald is considered to be the most haunted place in the region, Drakelow tunnel is believed to cause trouble in the region. There are many other beliefs as well as the famous black eye girl is believed to haunt the Cannock chase. So if you believe in supernatural creatures and elements then can be a bad choice for you.

Poverty in the region-

Where the other part of the country is doing better in terms of poverty and unemployment, the West Midlands especially, Worcestershire is still facing a lot of problems in the field.

Not enough is done to make the situation better in the county. Many youngsters moved out of the region in search of a good job and to build a good future. 

Lacks in technology –

The county is a nature-friendly area with less technology. People who reside in the region live a life where there is less need for technology. So if you want to nature-friendly liI only then the county is good.

It’s not like it totally lacks in the field of science and technology but as compared to other cities in England, the county has less scope in that field.

Poor education facilities-

Students of the region face a tough time getting a proper education. There are good schools in the region but very few in number. Other cities like London have great school facilities. Students mostly have to move to other places for quality education.

Ignorance in the people –

Not only we can blame the ruling party for poverty and mass unemployment but also the people of the county. The attitude towards development is quite negligible. They themselves do not want to work to eradicate unemployment and poverty from the masses.

Worcestershire is a place for someone who wants to spend their post-retirement life. Apart from the education system, the county has everything a citizen would desire to have. It counts for the less polluted cities in the United Kingdom.

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