24+ Pros and Cons of Living In Derbyshire (Explained)

Derbyshire is a small yet beautiful county located in the East Midland of the United Kingdom. The county is a rural region with less technology available. Derbyshire is famous for its historical significance.

The first water-powered mill was erected in the region of Derbyshire. The county has a very less population leaving more areas to breathe in the fresh air. 

Benefits of living in Derbyshire Drawbacks of living in Derbyshire 
Well linked with roadways, railways, and airwaysNatural calamities 
The abundance of optionsJust too many options
More space to breatheAntisocial behavior of people
Good network and internet connectionStreets are narrow 
Good medical facilities The poor condition of hostels 
Beautiful housing Inadequate education system
Proper dumping systemLanguage problems 
Great sources of recreation
The mortality rate is low in the region

Advantages of living in Derbyshire 

Well linked roadways, railways, and airways-

One of the major advantages of living in the region of Derbyshire is that the place is well connected to all parts of the country, making the traveling of the public easier and more convenient.

The roadways of the county are so good that just 30 minutes drive can reach you to the major cities in England. Buses, trains, and cabs run daily connecting to different parts of England.

The region is also close to the airport making the passage of traveling more quicker. Buses run on time and are relatively cheaper making it more easily accessible to the public.

The abundance of options-

The region offers lots of options for people wanting to settle in the region. From housing to shopping, the place has vast varieties of options for the people to chose from.

In the region, one cannot settle for things they don’t want, because there is plenty of options for them. This feature of Derbyshire makes the region more attractive. 

More space to breathe-

The fact that the population of the county is lesser than the population in another county in England makes the place very suitable for living. Lesser the number of people the more space for you to breathe. 

Good network and internet connection-

Unlike many other rural counties in the United Kingdom, Derbyshire doesn’t have any such reported issues regarding the network and speed if the internet.

In today’s time where the internet is a must, people find the region more suitable for living because of the good connectivity of the internet.

Many counties like Cornwall, Cumbria faces the issue of a network error. So Derbyshire is definitely a good pick for you in terms of network and internet access.

Beautiful housing pattern-

The houses built in the region of Derbyshire are small but beautiful. It looks like candy houses with thatched roofs. Almost every next house is built in the same pattern. Almost every house has a balcony and a garden which makes the houses appear more elegant and cute.

Proper dumping system-

Many counties don’t have a proper dumping system. One of the reasons for the increase in land pollution is the inappropriate disposal of garbage. But ah, thank God! The county has a proper system regarding the disposal of garbage.

In every corner, if the roads and streets there is a dustbin installed which is regularly cleaned by the in-charge officials. So who doesn’t want to live in a clean environment? 

Great sources of recreation-

Succeeding the merit of living in the county is that the place has great sources of recreation. You can go for paddling to boating, cycling to hiking, swimming to surfing and can do many things in the region.

So no more boring weekends, you can just open a trip with family or friends and have a great time in Derby. 

The mortality rate is low-

The fact that it is not a densely populated area and has a relatively low amount of air and water pollution automatically improves the health condition. Nature is the best therapy to anything and everything is proved to be right in Derby.

The clean and fresh air to breathe has increased the life expectancy of the people living in Derbyshire. 

Disadvantages of living in Derbyshire 

Natural calamities- 

Frequent earthquakes in the region have made the place risky to live in. The place always remains on high alert as the region is surrounded by hills. The place has also experienced floods which caused the uprooting of trees and collapsing if buildings. The roads are blocked during the rainy season due to waterlogging.

Land sliding is very common in the region. In the year 2018, the place was severely hit by an earthquake and caused heavy damages to the region.

Just too many options-

The region offers just too many options confusing the people. There is so much to see in everything be it in the sphere of buying a house or clothes or going for an outing, the place has a wide range of options which almost perplex the lot. Of course, having options is a merit but too many options can have setbacks too.

Antisocial behavior of the people-

If a person loves to socialize and make friends with their neighbors, for them the place is a little upsetting. The residents of the region kind of practice antisocial behavior.

They like people minding their own business while they too exercise the same behavior. Perhaps this can also be treated as a plus point for those who love their personal space.

Streets are narrow-

The narrow streets of Derby are a problem for the easy passage of people. During the weekends or market days, the streets of Derby are chaotic and have a great rush among the people in the streets.

Had the streets be made a little wider then there would be no problem of clogged streets. The pick is that the region has a lesser population making it less of a problem for people.

The poor condition of hostels-

The students of the region have to unduly suffer due to the poor service delivered in the hostels. Students who migrated to Derby for good education or work are provided with a very low quality of service against a high charge if rents in hostels. 

Inadequate education system-

The region lacks in providing good quality education to the students if Derby. The education system needs a quick fix in order to provide the coming generations with proper education.

The fact that it lacks in the educational sector has caused the students to migrate to different regions in search of a good education.

The fact that it is a non-metropolitan county and still offers a better and promising future to the residents of Derby is notable. The county excels in many sectors such as cleanliness and hospitality as compared to the developed counties. The region is a nature-friendly area with good health.

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