13+ Pros and Cons of Using the Ready Talk App (Explained)

The Ready talk platform provides users to conduct online meetings and conferences smoothly and efficiently. This is an excellent application for businesses and different organizations to carry out their services at a digital platform.

Moreover, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it becomes more profitable to conduct work online by keeping the center’s health and safety. This article highlights some interesting aspects of using the Ready talk application for conducting online meetings.

The Benefits of using Ready Talk The Drawbacks of using Ready Talk
Free trial meetings option available.A strong and stable internet connection is required.
Available for all the devices.Frequently need more updates.
Accessible from any part of the world.The chat feature is flawed.
Why Should We Use the Ready Talk Application

Advantages of using Ready Talk for conducting online meetings.

Simple Subscription Plans:

The Ready Talk application has well-designed and straightforward subscription plans. This helps users choose the right plan among all the projects according to their usage and requirement.

Moreover, the users don’t regret paying more than the required amount. However, the paid subscription provides more features and benefits of using the free version.

Pros of The Simple Subscription Plans of This Application

Also useful for small businesses:

This helps the small businesses and organizations to carry out their work function effectively and productively without investing more capital on online meeting applications.

Additionally, free trial meetings are also conductive that helps the users to have the experience of using the application before paying any amount.

Effective sharing of content:

The users can easily share screens and different types of content during a meeting. PowerPoint presentations, documents, word file, images, videos and many other types of content during a meeting.

This makes the session more effective and productive. The motive of the meeting discussion can easily be attained by sharing different types of relevant content. This makes the users easy to work remotely and attend various meetings in a single day more efficiently.

Hence, the ready talk gives a great experience of sharing data during the session.


The Ready talk application has access to multiple tools that help organize and manage the schedule of daily meetings.

It has access to numerous tool applications like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, and many other Google tool applications. Moreover, it also has access to Microsoft tool applications. Additionally, it provides inbuilt tools that help to manage the meetings.  

Available Multiple Meeting Schedules:

The host can easily organize and administer multiple meeting schedules. Moreover, the attendees can quickly know their attending meeting schedule previously and block the time from their program for attending the meeting.

Hence, it makes it easier to manage and balance the schedule of multiple meetings.

Easy to use:

One can easily invite the meeting attendees by sharing the link, which has a password through messages or emails. This makes it simple for even non technologically friendly users to use and manage the application.

The main benefit of using the application is that it allows you to join the meeting from anywhere in the world. Hence, it helps to connect with people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with the safety of the health.

Why is the Ready Talk Application Easy to Use

Effective UI Design:

The application is easy and efficient to use. The users can easily manage the application with simple starting guidelines. It has simple and easy methods to host and join meetings.

Stream meetings live on the social media platform:

The meetings conducted on the Ready talk platform can be easily streamed live on the social media platforms. This allows a broad audience to access the meeting. Around 2 million people use the social media platform; hence, it is easy and efficient to get the right amount of traffic by streaming the social media platform’s meetings.

The Ready talk supports the feature and helps in gaining a right and broad audience to your session.

Perfect for promotional events:

This helps organizations and individuals who conduct promotional content, webinars, education courses, awareness content, and many similar programs requiring a broad audience. The platform serves correctly for digital marketing strategies amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Record meetings:

The users can record and save the ongoing meetings on the Ready talk platform. The meeting data is easily downloadable and accessible in offline mode. This makes it easier to manage the data shared during the meeting.

The users and attendees who failed to attend the ongoing meeting can access the recordings and not miss the meeting. This is highly useful for businesses, educational institutions, online course programs, and many other types of organizations to access and manage the meeting data.

High Security:

The Ready talk platform successfully provides high security and privacy while conducting meetings and calls. This makes a remarkable benefit for working meetings on confidential information of businesses, investments, government departments, and many similar topics. Moreover, no invasive activities are noticed on the platform. 

Even after the increase in usage and a large number of meetings management, the platform successfully protects against cyberattacks and hackers. Hence, the large business companies, government departments can conduct meetings with the safety of the data shared during the meeting.

Good video and audio quality:

The platform provides high-quality video and audio during the meeting. This makes the meetings easy, effective, and efficient enough. There are no voice lags or disconnections from the ongoing meeting experience.

This helps the host conduct long-time consuming meetings and multiple meetings every day without stressful conditions or tedious situations. Moreover, this gives the attendees a better user experience and makes the remote working more efficient and productive.

Disadvantages of using Ready Talk for conducting online meetings.

Not suitable for large audience:

The Ready talk platform is not suitable to conduct meetings that require a large number of attendees occupancy. Only 25 attendees can attend the session at once.

This becomes difficult for large businesses and organizations to conduct gathering meetings and conferences.

It is also impossible for educational institutions like schools and colleges to conduct classes for a large number of students amidst this pandemic situation. Hence, the application fails to provide a large audience accommodation.

Need to create account:

The users are required to create an account for accessing the platform to conduct the meetings. The users need to give their email address and password to make the account on the platform. 

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